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These Are The Top 5 High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Products You Need To Promote

5 platforms for high ticket affiliate marketing commissions

I’m bursting at the seams to share some gold nuggets of information with you. If you’ve been nosing around the affiliate marketing space, you know that the real dough comes in when you hit the high ticket products. I’ve been on a treasure hunt to unearth the crème de la crème of high ticket affiliate marketing products, and oh boy, have I struck gold! 

I’ve narrowed down the list to the top 5 high ticket products that are just waiting for go-getters like us to promote them and rake in the big bucks.

Now, don’t just skim through this and stash it away in your ‘read later’ list. This is your roadmap to catapulting your affiliate marketing journey into a realm of higher earnings. 

Each of these products comes with a lucrative affiliate program that’s just waiting for you to dive in and grab a chunk of the commission pie. We’re talking about commissions that can have you grinning from ear to ear every time you check your affiliate dashboard.

So grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and let’s unravel these high-ticket affiliate marketing products together. Who knows, by the end of this read, you might just find your next big affiliate marketing venture. 

Trust me; you’ll want to jump on these opportunities before the masses do. Stay with me as we delve into the world of high commissions and products that not only sell like hotcakes but offer real value to the buyers. Your high ticket affiliate marketing game is about to level up, my friend!

Let’s hit the ground running with the first gem on the list, shall we?

1) Genius Webinars for High Ticket Online Sales

I’ve stumbled upon this stellar opportunity that I believe can really help us step up our game in the affiliate marketing realm. It’s one of the top 5 high ticket products I recently discovered. It’s called “Genius Webinars” – an online course focusing on mastering the art of webinars to boost online sales. Now, I know what you’re thinking, another course, right? But hear me out. This isn’t just any course. It’s a pathway to earning high commissions as a high ticket affiliate marketer, with the highest commission on a single sale being a whopping $600!

The brains behind this course is a guy named Jason Fladlien, who’s pretty much the LeBron James of webinar presentations. This dude has generated over $100 million in sales through his webinars across various markets. He’s been at it for over 10 years, refining his strategies to a point where he can teach others how to replicate his success.

genius webinars top 5 high ticket affiliate marketing

Now, onto the course itself. It’s structured in a way that guides you through every essential aspect of creating a compelling webinar. From devising irresistible offers and pricing strategies to understanding how to handle objections from potential buyers, it’s all in there. And guess what? The course doesn’t just throw information at you. It breaks down the process into digestible modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of a successful webinar.

Genius Webinars Top 5 High Ticket Commissions

The course isn’t cheap, priced at $1497 for a one-time payment, but here’s the kicker – as an affiliate, you get a 40% commission on every sale you drive. That’s around $600 for a single sale! And given the quality and reputation of the course, convincing people to sign up won’t be a hard sell. Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee which further adds to the appeal of the course.

But that’s not all. The course comes with a range of resources like a webinar builder workbook, presentation templates, and even quizzes to test your understanding. So, it’s not just about selling; it’s about learning the ropes of webinar marketing and sharing that knowledge with others.

The Genius Webinars affiliate program is a gem waiting to be discovered, and I truly believe it’s a golden ticket for anyone looking to thrive in the affiliate marketing space. With high-ticket affiliate items like this, the earning potential is through the roof. It’s exactly the kind of opportunity that aligns with our ambitions of diving into high ticket affiliate marketing.

What do you say? Fancy giving Genius Webinars a shot and start promoting one of the top 5 high ticket products of 2023? It’s not just about the money; it’s about mastering a skill that’s highly sought after in the online marketing world. Plus, with every sale, you’re not just earning a commission; you’re helping others unlock the potential of webinars to grow their businesses. It’s a win-win!

2) iHub High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Alright, after diving into the genius world of webinars, let’s shift our gears and venture into a realm that’s as intriguing as it is lucrative. Meet iHub, a high-ticket affiliate program that’s stirring the pot in the affiliate marketing scene. 

Picture a setup where neither you nor the person buying has to loosen the purse strings, yet both of you rake in the moolah. Sounds like a daydream, but iHub has turned this into a bona fide reality​​.

iHub is a high ticket affiliate marketing option

The magic behind iHub is its focus on marketing Helium hotspots, all in a bid to broaden the horizons of the Helium network. It’s not just about making a quick buck; it’s about contributing to a growing network, and guess what? The more you aid in expanding this network, the thicker your wallet gets. It’s a win-win that’s as sweet as a cherry on top of a sundae​​.

So, if you’ve got the zest to dive into a venture that’s as rewarding as it is groundbreaking, iHub is your ticket to the high-ticket affiliate marketing fiesta. And hey, who wouldn’t want to be part of a program where the sky’s the limit when it comes to earning potential?

The caveat here is that you must be invited by another member!

3) Shopify is a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program

Venturing into the Shopify affiliate program realm unveils an arena where individuals with a knack for entrepreneurship and content creation find their haven. As a Shopify affiliate, you’d be mingling with entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and content creators who are all about inspiring and teaching their audience the ropes of entrepreneurship through Shopify​​. And the cherry on top? The program is free to join!

Now, before you leap, there are some boxes to tick off. You need to own and run an active website, have an established audience, and create original content, be it online courses, seminars, blog posts, or videos.

Once your application is submitted, it’ll be reviewed meticulously, and in most cases, you’ll hear back within 5 business days. If you’re in, a celebratory email will hit your inbox with some tools to kickstart your Shopify affiliate journey​​.

Your earnings as a Shopify Affiliate come from referrals made through your unique referral link, which you’ll get access to upon acceptance into the program. The cool part is, the program has a global footprint, so you can jump in from any corner of the world, provided the third-party affiliate software supports your country of residence​​.

shopify top 5 high ticket affiliate products

Shopify High Ticket Affiliate Commissions

Now, let’s talk money, the juicy part! Affiliates earn a 200% bounty for each successful merchant they refer to Shopify. In simpler terms, they earn double the monthly plan price of the referred merchant, with an average earning of $58 per signup​​. The commission structure is a fixed-bounty for all full price plan merchant referrals, with no cap on the number of merchants you can refer​​.

The dough you earn gets channeled either directly to your bank account or your PayPal, and once your balance hits a minimum of $10 USD, you can initiate a withdrawal. You have the freedom to choose to be paid when your balance reaches a certain amount or on a bi-weekly basis. And no matter where you’re based, all commission payments are made in USD​​.

So, if you’ve got the zeal to inspire entrepreneurship, have your content creation tools sharpened, and are ready to dive into a venture that’s as rewarding as it is enriching, the Shopify affiliate program could just be your next big leap into affiliate marketing.

4) SEM Rush is a High Ticket Deal

Continuing from our previous exploration of high-ticket affiliate programs, let’s meander into the digital alleys of SEMrush, a platform that’s akin to a treasure trove for those dabbling in SEO, content marketing, and other facets of digital marketing. Now, becoming a part of the SEMrush affiliate clan is as breezy as a walk in the park. Just hop onto the official SEMrush affiliate page, pop in the relevant details, and voila, you’re all set to start promoting SEMrush​​.

SEM Rush Affiliate Commissions

Now, here’s where it gets exhilarating. The SEMrush affiliate program is like the gift that keeps on giving. You earn a hearty $200 for every new subscription sale, and $10 for every new trial activation. And oh, they also toss in a little something – $0.01 for every new sign-up​​​. The commission structure is designed to make your efforts worthwhile at every stage. It’s not just about making a sale; even leading someone to activate a trial puts some green in your pocket.

high ticket affiliate sem rush

The subscription plans kick off at $129.95 per month, and as a high ticket affiliate, aligning with SEMrush is akin to boarding a ship destined for a land brimming with gold coins, or in this case, a $200 commission per new subscription sale​​. And guess what? They don’t just leave you to navigate the stormy seas of affiliate marketing alone. 

They equip you with an arsenal of comprehensive training resources and a collection of pre-designed, high-converting promotional materials to ensure your voyage to the land of high commissions is smooth sailing.

5) Plus500 is a High Ticket Affiliate Commission

The Plus500 affiliate program, also known as 500Affiliates, is another high-ticket affiliate program you might want to consider. Here’s a quick dive into what it entails:

Program Overview

Plus500 is a platform that provides Contracts for Difference (CFDs) trading facilities covering shares, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, options, and indices, making it a fertile ground for affiliate marketing, especially if your audience is interested in trading and investments​.

Joining the Affiliate Program

Becoming an affiliate with Plus500 is straightforward. You simply need to head to their official affiliates page, fill in the required details, and you’re set to start promoting Plus500 on your website​.

plus500 high ticket affiliate marketing services

Commission Structure

The commission structure of Plus500 is quite unique. It pays differently based on the country of the player you refer. The exact amount of commission you’d earn depends on the country from which a player registers​​. Unfortunately, the exact commission rates aren’t publicly disclosed on the pages I accessed.

Payment and Support:

The Plus500 affiliate program has a fixed commission structure, and there’s no minimum payout, which is great as you can withdraw your earnings regardless of the amount​​. Also, each affiliate is provided with personal support and guidance, accompanied by an Affiliate Manager to assist you throughout your affiliate journey​.

Time for You To Sign Up To The Top 5 High Ticket Programs

Alright, my aspiring affiliate marketer, we’ve voyaged through the high seas of high-ticket affiliate marketing and unearthed some golden opportunities. From the educational realm of Genius Webinars, the groundbreaking network expansion with iHub, the entrepreneurial haven of Shopify, the SEO treasure chest of SEMrush, to the financial trading hub of Plus500—each of these programs offers a unique voyage with the promise of high commissions and growth.

Now, it’s your turn to claim your share of the loot. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or a budding entrepreneur, these high-ticket affiliate programs are your tickets to not just earning big but learning and growing in the vast sea of online marketing. So, dive in, explore, and let the high commissions roll in!

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