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Top 5 VPN Affiliate Programs by Commission 2023

Top 5 VPN Affiliate Programs by commission

As cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common, privacy is paramount. This escalating concern has significantly fueled the demand for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). As a result, the VPN market has not only expanded rapidly but also birthed lucrative affiliate marketing opportunities. 

This article delves into the Top 5 VPN Affiliate Programs that offer enticing commission structures for affiliate marketers.

Introduction to VPN Affiliate Programs

VPN affiliate programs are a golden ticket for those looking to earn a substantial income by promoting privacy and security solutions. These programs offer commissions for every sale or lead generated through the affiliate’s unique referral link. This sector’s growth potential is enormous, and choosing the right VPN affiliate program is crucial for maximizing earnings.

Why VPN Affiliate Programs are Lucrative

Before diving into the Top 5 VPN Affiliate Programs, it’s essential to understand why these programs are a lucrative venture. The surging awareness about online privacy has led to a booming VPN industry, which in turn, has created fertile ground for affiliate marketers. The recurring commission model common in VPN affiliate programs is particularly appealing, providing a steady income over time.

Top 5 VPN Affiliate Programs by Commission

1. NordVPN Affiliate Program

NordVPN is a behemoth in the VPN industry, acclaimed for its robust security features and user-friendly interface. Its affiliate program is equally impressive, offering a default commission of 40%, and a recurring commission of 30%. 

Remarkably, if your referral opts for a one-month plan, your commission skyrockets to 100%. With the lowest one-month plan priced at $14 and the longest 2-year plan costing around $100, your earning potential is substantial. For instance, a single sale of the 2-year plan can fetch you a commission of $40. 

Furthermore, NordVPN’s affiliate program provides an array of promotional materials and a dedicated affiliate support team to ensure you have all the necessary tools to excel in your affiliate marketing venture​​.

nord vpn affiliate

2. ExpressVPN Affiliate Program

ExpressVPN is another titan in the VPN market, revered for its lightning-fast speeds and military-grade encryption. Its affiliate program is structured to reward ambitious affiliates, with a flexible commission model that increases based on sales volume. As a standard, you earn $13 for a one-month subscription, $22 for a six-month package, and $36 for every 12-month plan you sell. 

This tiered commission structure incentivizes affiliates to promote longer-term plans, which not only benefits the affiliate but also enhances customer retention for ExpressVPN. 

Additionally, the program offers a plethora of marketing resources and real-time tracking of earnings, allowing you to optimize your campaigns for maximum profitability​​.

Express VPN Affiliate

3. Surfshark VPN Affiliate Program

Surfshark VPN is a rising star in the VPN realm, swiftly gaining traction due to its budget-friendly pricing and robust security features. Its affiliate program is lucrative, offering a default commission of 40% revenue share for new sales. 

The initial price for each product may vary, but the high commission rate provides a lucrative incentive for affiliates. 

Surfshark’s growing customer base and positive market reputation make its affiliate program a promising platform for earning substantial commissions. Besides, the program provides various promotional materials to aid in your marketing endeavors, thus increasing your chances of success​​.

surfshark vpn affiliate

4. CyberGhost VPN Affiliate Program

CyberGhost VPN is a veteran in the VPN sector, boasting a vast network of servers worldwide. Its affiliate program is generous, with a commission rate ranging from 40% to 100% depending on the package sold, and a 30% commission for renewals. 

This wide commission range provides ample opportunity for affiliates to earn high commissions, especially on premium or long-term plans. 

The program also provides a vast array of marketing resources, including ready-to-use banners and landing pages, which significantly ease the marketing process. Additionally, the high conversion rate and dedicated affiliate support make the CyberGhost VPN Affiliate Program a lucrative and reliable choice for affiliate marketers​.

cyberghost vpn affiliate

5. Private Internet Access Affiliate Program

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a well-established player in the VPN industry, known for its strong commitment to user privacy. Its affiliate program offers a varied commission structure, with rates going up to 80% on monthly plans on one platform, and up to 33% lifetime recurring commission on another. 

Additionally, some sources suggest a commission rate of 20% to 100% per sale, showcasing the diverse earning opportunities available within the PIA affiliate program. 

Along with a fair commission structure, the program avails a variety of promotional materials, a responsive affiliate management team, and a 30-day cookie duration, all geared towards optimizing your affiliate campaigns and maximizing your earning potential​​.

pia vpn affiliate

VPN Affiliate Program Commission

Table of commissions for the 5 VPN programs mentioned above.

VPN Affiliate ProgramCommission Structure
NordVPN– Default commission: 40% 
– Recurring commission: 30% 
– One-month plan: 100%
ExpressVPN– One-month subscription: $13
– Six-month package: $22 
– Twelve-month plan: $36
Surfshark VPN– Default commission: 40% revenue share for new sales
CyberGhost VPN– Commission rate: 40% to 100% depending on the package 
– Renewals: 30%
Private Internet Access– Up to 80% on monthly plans 
– Up to 33% lifetime recurring commission 
– 20% to 100% per sale (varies)
VPN Affiliate Software Commission Rates 2023

Key Takeaways on VPN Affiliate Marketing

The Top 5 VPN Affiliate Programs delineated above provide not only high commission rates but also extensive support and resources for affiliates to succeed. 

The burgeoning VPN market coupled with the right affiliate program can pave the way for a lucrative affiliate marketing venture. Engaging in these affiliate programs, armed with a sound strategy and SEO expertise, can significantly propel your earnings in the affiliate marketing domain.

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